Minister Urges Health Consciousness After Heart Attack – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Describing her heart attack last month as a rude awakening, Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Allbert-Poyotte has urged people to pay closer attention to their health.

“This is one message I want to share with everybody,” the Babonneau MP stated.

Albert-Poyotte spoke during the MBC Television programme ‘Can I Help You’.

She explained that she has always been health conscious.

“People believe that when somebody has an ailment they are careless. But when you are health conscious sometimes when you get an attack on whatever, whatever issue of health you have, your previous health habit is what will come to support you,” Albert-Poyotte asserted.

She said the doctors indicated that her heart was in good condition, but there was a blocked artery.

According to the Minister, the doctors used laser technology to open the artery.

“Within a day after I arrived in Martinique the doctor told me ‘Well, you are good to go’,” Albert-Poyotte recalled.

The Minister stated that although not ‘one hundred percent’ yet, she was recovering.

She praised the ‘superb’ doctors in Saint Lucia who cared for her and the medical personnel at the Fort-de-France Hospital Center in Martinique.

In addition, the Minister thanked everyone who prayed on her behalf and supported her.

She said she considered herself a miracle and was happy to be alive and breathing.

In addition, Albert-Poyotte advised individuals to save’ a little something on a side’ while they were healthy so that if they fell sick, they would have the resources to get medical attention.

She also said that contrary to some people’s speculation regarding her health care, she has been a member of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) since 1971.

The former SLTU President recalled that she helped the union implement a medical scheme.

She explained that she is still an SLTU member and part of the insurance scheme.

“So in the event that I am sick, like I was sick here, my insurance would contribute to my medical care,” she told ‘Can I Help You’ host Richard Frederick.