Labour Minister Emphasises Need To Advertise Skilled Jobs – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Labour Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte has emphasised the need for Saint Lucia employers to advertise jobs for skilled individuals.

“It is an obligation of all employers to advertise the positions, allow persons to apply and then they select the best person for the job,” the Minister noted.

However, Albert-Poyotte said that there may not be enough Saint Lucians to fill vacancies for highly skilled positions.

She disclosed  in that case, consideration would be given to employing individuals from overseas.

“I am responsible for issuing work permits, and I have to examine the applications to ensure that the skills requested and the persons coming in to work, although we have CSME which is free movement within CARICOM,” the veteran former trade unionist stated.

“We must ensure that we have persons in Saint Lucia who have skills. If they do not have the skills, then we can give some consideration to persons coming from the outside,” Albert-Poyotte told reporters.

Observing that Saint Lucia’s unemployment rate was decreasing, she declared that workers would be in high demand.

“I want to ensure that Saint Lucians are given priority,” the Minister explained.

She said she would try to get the Labour Department to act as a clearinghouse for employment seekers to register their skills.

Albert-Poyotte said that when employers want workers, the department can refer them to individuals who have expressed an interest.

“That is something we have to address so that we do not leave our people out while we bring people from overseas to work here,” the Minister stated.