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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

The Ministry of Home Affairs has the public suffering.

They do not respond to emails , calls, or the door when customers try reaching out. You can see there are staff inside walking around and eating, but after ringing the door for 30 mins, nobody would answer. Nobody knows the status of their citizenship applications. Nobody knows what’s going on.

It’s been over a year since I’ve been traveling back and forth to drop off my receipt to process the certificate for citizenship but I am yet to get anyone to assist.

 I luckily found a police officer on a Thursday to accept the receipt, and when I called to follow up someone finally answered only to advise me that I need to come back to pick up the receipt because public days are on Fridays not Thursdays.

Even after I explained the number of attempts I’ve made to get this done, they never acknowledged the situation and asked that I come back for it because this is not the way the process works.

I went back up 4 times after that. I stood by the door along with so many other customers outside filled with frustration. Nobody came through again. I spoke with a secretary twice by the name of petra, who has been promising to give callbacks but not once she ever did.

I was told that the staff are being transferred to other departments, and because they are not willing to go, they are not doing their jobs by providing their services to the service, and they are on strike.

As a result of this, we, the public, are suffering . Something needs to be done and our voices needs to be heard!

 This woman, Miss St Omer, who handled most of the paperwork from the citizenship department, and she was of great help to the public as well. She also got transferred to another department and, unfortunately, is no longer able to assist.

People are paying hundreds of dollars for citizenship, and they don’t know who has their receipt and what’s going on after they drop it off at home affairs.

I am following up today and I was told that there are no traces of the application for citizenship not even the receipt because the staff messed up the filing system.

An application that took 6 months to process they are not able to find any traces of it

Someone needs to do something!