WASCO Reports Significant Water Reduction At Intakes – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) acknowledges the concerning reduction in water levels at various abstraction points islandwide as a result of the ongoing dry conditions affecting Saint Lucia.

The prolonged dry spell, due in part to a significant decrease in precipitation levels and to the effects of climate change, have resulted in diminished water resource capacity.

Production has significantly decreased at the intakes that supply the island’s north. Additionally, our raw water catchments at Talvern and Marquis, Babonneau which supply the Hill 20 Treatment Plant have also registered a notable reduction in inflow levels. Production on the southern network has decreased by 50 percent, with some variation in specific areas.

As a result, the drop in raw water availability has presented challenges to our water treatment processes and has led to supply constraints for consumers relying on our water distribution system.

In the interim, WASCO has implemented adjustments to optimize its operations, the treatment process and the maintenance of water quality standards, despite the reduced inflow.

We encourage all customers to exercise prudent water usage practices to mitigate the impacts of the dry season and other extreme weather events.

As part of conservation efforts to ensure the sustainability of our water resources, WASCO has announced its Water Tank Promotion, set to formally launch during the month of April.

The promotion aims to provide an affordable and effective means of increasing potable water storage capacity to provide consumers with a reliable backup for maintaining essential activities while minimizing disruption.

For more information, interested persons are asked to contact WASCO’s Customer Service Department at 482-0187, 482-0058 or 482-0080.

WASCO is actively working to collaborate with community stakeholders and liaisons to provide relief efforts, including access to emergency water supplies for affected households. We recognize the resilience of our communities in facing these difficult circumstances and urge residents to conserve water wherever possible, as every drop counts during this challenging period.

We remain committed to closely monitoring the situation and implementing measures to manage the available water supply effectively. We encourage consumers islandwide to cooperate with water conservation initiatives to safeguard our reservoirs for future use.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank our valued customers for their continued understanding and support.

For further information on available resources and to contact WASCO’s support team, please contact 457-3960, 457-3958, 451-9812 or send WhatsApp messages to 482-0052.

SOURCE: Water and Sewerage Company Inc.