SLNA Issues Statement On Alleged SJH Incident – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

The St. Lucia Nurses Association (SLNA) has issued a statement regarding an alleged incident at St. Jude Hospital (SJH), involving the Nursing Director and a nursing staff.

A viral social media post titled ‘What Is Going On At Our St. Jude Hospital’ claimed that there had been an altercation at the hospital.

However, the SLNA explained that it could provide no information until a thorough investigation.

The complete statement appears below:

The St. Lucia Nurses Association (SLNA) is a professional organization which represents the interests of its nurses and the delivery of quality health care to the public.

It is a non- profit and non-partisan organization which seeks to be a dynamic, vibrant, and visible organization.

The mission of SLNA is to enhance professional development, sustain the socio-economic welfare of its members and ensure the provision of quality care for clients and customers.

We have been made aware of an alleged incident between the Nursing Director and a nursing staff at the St. Jude Hospital. At this time, we are unable to provide any information on the matter until a thorough investigation has been conducted.

There are procedures that must be followed to ensure due process. It is our hope that the matter be resolved amicably, and the atmosphere of unity and confidence among the nursing staff be restored at the institution.

Therefore, we wish to request from all persons concerned to use discretion and empathy in sharing and requesting information on the alleged incident.

The nurses at the St. Jude Hospital remain committed to the call of duty.

This alleged incident in no way compromises the quality of care provided or adversely impacts the well-being and work performance of nurses at the institution.

SLNA continues to support nurses and aims to use this experience to enhance resilience, advocate for continuous professional development, role direction and training for effective job crafting and orientation.