SLFS Issues Easter Safety Reminders – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

In keeping with its mandate to protect lives, property, and the environment, the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) has issued safety reminders for the Easter Holidays.

Acting Station Officer Ireneus Henry noted there would be increased holiday travel.

As a result, he emphasised the importance of observing speed limits, wearing seatbelts, avoiding distracted driving, and advanced route planning.

“Remain mindful of weather conditions and take regular breaks to combat driver fatigue. Above all, drive defensively,” Henry said, while advising against drinking and driving.

The senior SLFS official appealed to motorcyclists to wear appropriate safety gear, including an approved helmet, eye protection, sturdy footwear, long pants, and a durable jacket.

Henry explained that wearing high-visibility clothing could reduce accident risks, while excessive speed does the opposite, reducing one’s ability to react to sudden hazards.

He urged motorcyclists to maintain a safe distance and ride defensively, assuming that motorists might not see or anticipate their presence.

Regarding fire safety, Henry noted that people commonly use open flames during Easter celebrations and advised that they exercise caution and ensure that the flames are away from flammable materials.

He also said individuals should not leave fires unattended.

Apart from fire hazards, Henry warned against injuries from falls while encouraging the safe use of stable ladders, keeping walkways free of debris and rubble.

In addition, he advised prioritizing water safety, guarding against food-borne illnesses, and being vigilant regarding playground safety.