Saint Lucian Women Urged To Consider Construction Jobs – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Saint Lucian women are being encouraged to consider seeking employment in the construction sector.

“I am of the view that there are too many women who have settled for the softer jobs and the low paying jobs because most women settle for housekeeping, caregiver, they are involved in the STEP and cutting grass, and they do not see construction as an area because they have not been trained,” Labour Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte told reporters.

The Minister spoke of the need to encourage women to explore their skills.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has designated 2024 as the Year for Infrastructure.

Dr. Albert-Poyotte recalled that Pierre indicated there would be much construction work in the coming months.

In this regard, she said there might be a skilled labour shortage in the sector resulting in the importation of workers.

“Can women go into that area so that they cater for the shortage?” The veteran former trade unionist asked.

The Minister disclosed that the government has been working with a Canadian firm to help women enter the construction sector.

“We felt that we need to open the door to allow women who want to go into construction to participate,” she explained.

She acknowledged prevailing notions that heavy-duty work in construction would rule out women’s participation.

Nevertheless, Albert-Poyotte observed that globally, females work in all sectors.

Regarding Saint Lucia, she told reporters that many women engineers work at the Ministry of Infrastructure.

In addition, the Babonneau MP stated that equipment can do heavy lifting.

“You don’t have to lift up how many bags of cement,” Albert-Poyotte declared.

She also said women could be supervisors on construction sites.

Albert-Poyotte said there was a need now to train women for construction jobs, a task the government would undertake.