Pierre Saddened, At His ‘Wits’ End’ Over Violent Crime Surge – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

On Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre expressed sadness and outrage over Saint Lucia’s violent crime surge resulting in thirty homicides so far in 2024.

The National Security Minister said he was at his wits’ end and would listen to anyone who believes they have the answer.

“If anybody can tell me they can be the Minister of National Security and stop what’s happening now; I will give them the post,” Pierre stated.

“Tell me what to do, write me what to do, give me proof of what you are going to do,” the PM said.

His comments came hours after police announced a probe into the discovery of a body with apparent gunshot wounds in Bruceville, Vieux Fort.

Investigators identified the deceased as Antonio Theodore.

Speaking to reporters, Prime Minister Pierre said he was saddened because young people are losing their lives and some parts of the country are attracting stigma.

“What goes out to the public, what goes out of the country doesn’t sound good,” Pierre lamented.

“I am outraged and I am at my wits’ end as to what’s happening,” he stated.

Pierre reiterated that his administration continues to give the police all the resources it can.

He asserted that the scale of the resources was unprecedented.

“We are trying all possible crime suppression tools we can use,” the Castries East MP told reporters.

In addition, he spoke of attempts to get young people involved in businesses through the Youth Economy Agency and moves to reeducate young parents to address family issues.

“I have also said that anyone, absolutely anyone who can tell me what must I do to halt the nature of gun violence in Saint Lucia, I will do it,” Pierre told reporters.

He observed that the crime scourge seemed to be enveloping the entire region.

“That’s not an excuse, but it’s a fact,” the PM declared.

“The truth is, we have an issue that we have to get together to solve,” Pierre noted.