Pierre Pledges To Pursue Better Wages, Work Conditions – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has emphasised the government’s responsibility to improve work conditions in Saint Lucia.

“It is our responsibility, as the party in government to continue pursuing our founder’s vision to keep improving the wages and conditions of the workers of this country,” Pierre explained in a Facebook post to mark Labour Day.

“This is why in 2022, we appointed a Minimum and Equal Wages Commission comprising representatives of the Trade Unions, private sector, and government,” the Prime Minister noted.

He disclosed that the Commission had completed its report.

In this regard, Pierre explained that the way forward would comply with the Labour Act Cap 16.04 provision. 

“It is our hope and our desire to follow the rules and that Saint Lucian workers will have a new Minimum Liveable Wage by August 1, 2024,” The Castries East MP stated.

The leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) paid tribute to the party founder, Sir George F.L. Charles.

Pierre observed that Charles, Saint Lucia’s first Chief Minister, was the architect of adult suffrage and a representative of workers through the trade unions. 

“It was his vision that led to the creation of the Protection of Wages Ordinance and Holidays with Pay Ordinance in 1959,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister noted.

In addition, Pierre said a true historical account would indicate that, between 1964 and 1969, Sir John Compton and the late Maurice Mason were influential figures supporting Sir George FL Charles’ legislative agenda on workers’ rights.

Pierre asserted that the core values of equity, respect for the rule of law, and inclusiveness have been part of the philosophy of the Labour movement. 

He also declared that the governing principles of the Saint Lucia Labour Party are rooted in its history. 

“It is the political party that has enfranchised the working class in Saint Lucia. The Saint Lucia Labour Party has always demonstrated that it is the political party that cares and respects the dignity of the Saint Lucian people,” Pierre expressed.