“I Did Nothing Wrong And The Court Vindicated Me!’ – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

A court has cleared Attorney at Law Stanley Felix of a charge of perverting the course of justice.

“I did nothing wrong, and the court vindicated me,” he stated.

At a news conference Thursday, Felix declared that the charge resembled a very neatly put-together conspiracy.

“What was done to my reputation was unforgivable,” Felix asserted.

However, he told reporters that God is good.

Felix reiterated that even a novice lawyer would have recognised that the basis for the charge was unfounded.

The Attorney at Law, who has practiced his profession for some twenty years, explained that he respects the oath he took and performs with integrity and transparency.

The former Senate President revealed that the case hinged on the testimony of one young criminal suspect he was asked to represent.

He described the youngster as a convicted rapist, robber, and soon-to-be convicted murderer.

According to Felix, he visited the individual based on instructions from the youngster’s family.

“He said that I, Stanley Felix, threatened him by saying whether he knows he is a dead man walking or something like this,” the Attorney at Law told reporters.

However Felix denied the youngster’s allegation.

“I am told I did something that I never did,” he told reporters.

He said the perversion of justice charge under Section 376 of the Criminal Code arose from the allegation. 

Nevertheless, Felix recalled the Judge indicating that what was presented did not suit the section.

In essence, the section pertains to witnesses, not suspects. 

In this regard, Felix asserted that to pervert justice there must be interference with a witness.

But in his case, the young man was a suspect whom he visited as Attorneys normally do.

Felix recalled that officers arrested him six months after he spoke to the suspect.

He said his passport, telephones, and laptops were seized but later returned during his  legal battle of some one-and-a-half years.

Felix also recalled that he was ‘unceremoniously dismissed’ as President of the Senate.

But he explained the dismissal was not as important as the reputational damage and the impression it created.

Felix said he was not interested in the position, asserting that his successor, Alvina Reynolds, does a ‘fantastic job.’

Noting that there are gains in adversity, he revealed that many people who were always around him vanished during his difficulty.

“Persons whom I thought would have come , not to my defence, would have offered support were non-existent and I think I got to be a lot more embracing of my family becausse they were the ones who were always there and they were the ones who believed in me and continue to believe in me,” Felix told reporters.

He said the situation had brought him closer to his family and God.

In addition, he thanked individuals who offered prayers on his behalf and his Attorneys, Alberton Richelieu and Lorne Theophilus.