CARICOM Condemns Mob Invasion Of Government Buildings In Brazil – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has issued a statement strongly condemning the ‘violent invasion of government buildings’ in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the president of Brazil, has pledged to punish ex-President Jair Bolsonaro’s supporters for storming Congress.

In addition, the supporters of the deposed far-right leader surrounded the Presidential palace and invaded the Supreme Court.

However, after hours of fighting, police took back control of the structures in the nation’s capital on Sunday night.

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The Civil Police in Brasilia reported detaining 300 people, and officials promised to find anyone else involved.

The CARICOM statement described the intruders as ‘a misguided mob refusing to accept the results of free and fair democratic elections’.

“Those involved should be held to account. We welcome the quick restoration of order. CARICOM reaffirms its unwavering commitment to democracy and the rule of law,” the CARICOM statement said.

Brazil’s president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva defeated Jair Bolsonaro in a closely fought election last year.

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