Bradley Felix Urges Citizens To Ignore SLP Propaganda – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) parliamentarian Bradley Felix has expressed concern that formerly vocal organizations have gone silent with the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) in office.

However, the Choiseul-Saltibus MP called on Saint Lucians to ignore the SLP’s fancy words, promises, and propaganda.

“Think for yourself,” Felix advised.

The former Commerce Minister spoke Thursday night during a live opposition round table discussion on Facebook.

During the last administration he served, he recalled that civil society, the bar association, and other groups were highly vocal, listening to the then-opposition SLP without fact-checking and then criticising the government.

The MP said now that there seemed to be a silence when the facts were glaring and highlighted by the UWP.

“Nobody wants to speak, and you must ask yourself why,” Felix told the panel during the discussion.

He questioned whether the silence was due to fear of repercussions or people biding their time to make a decisive statement at the appropriate time.

It appeared to be a reference to general elections.

“I am a bit concerned that we have a very quiet society from people who were a lot more vocal and it begs the question why, because there are so many things going in the wrong direction,” the Choiseul-Saltibus MP observed.

Thursday night’s opposition discussion called out the Philip J. Pierre administration about several issues.

They included the ‘secrecy’ surrounding the multi-million dollar Halls of Justice, safety, security, and cost issues related to the project, government borrowing, high inflation, and the state of the agriculture sector.