TUF President Urges Dialogue On Work Ethics, Productivity – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

The President of Saint Lucia’s Trade Union Federation (TUF) has advocated for a crucial national dialogue on work ethics and productivity, with the active participation of all stakeholders.

“Are we doing the best that we can? Certainly not,” Julian Monrose said at Wednesday’s Labour Day rally at Serenity Park in Castries.

However, he asserted that blaming workers for poor work ethics was unfair.

“What about the managers? You cannot have productivity if you don’t have proper management and leadership in the workplace,” Monrose declared.

The TUF President said a discussion regarding productivity and high work absenteeism should include workplace conditions contributing to illness.

“Some people fall sick once they wake up and realise it’s a work day because they have to face a supervisor,” Monrose told the audience, which included Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and Labour Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte.

The veteran trade stated that workers must feel happy at their place of employment and produce for the pay they receive.

Monrose explained that the trade union movement would always defend decent work and social justice.

In this regard, he called for fair, respectful treatment of employees in a safe work environment.

“If we are going to achieve this, there needs to be social dialogue,” Monrose said.

“We have to sit as Government, employers, trade unions and discuss issues of the workplace. We have to be committed to making the workplace better,” the TUF President stated.

He said the TUF wants employers to view trade unions as partners.

“Stop seeing unions as the enemy,” Monrose said.

“Work with us. Dialogue with us. When there are issues we should be able to call upon each other and we should be able to discuss the issues and find common ground,” he observed.