Senior Cop Confident Police Shooting Of Teenager Was Lawful – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Deputy Police Commissioner Ronald Phillip on Friday expressed confidence that the police acted lawfully in a shooting on Tuesday that led to the death of a teenager.

Nineteen-year-old Jay-Z Joseph succumbed following the Vieux Fort incident.

The Deputy Commissioner told reporters that although he was not present, he could confirm that the masked youngster had a firearm.

In this regard, Phillip declared that the officer present would decide the appropriate response.

” I cannot speak to what was the appropriate response needed. What I could tell you is that the police officers, I am sure, acted lawfully and within the context of the law,” Phillip told reporters.

” We do not wish death on anybody, but the reality is a firearm is a lethal barrel weapon. Once you carry firearms and firearms are discharged then there is a possibility of death,” the senior police officer declared.

He explained that an investigation into the police-related homicide was underway.

In addition, the Deputy Commissioner stated that a senior officer had spoken with the deceased’s mother, providing details regarding the investigative process.

Phillip also said the police officer involved was on active duty.

“We are awaiting the date for the post mortem,” he said.

Saint Lucia’s homicide toll so far in 2024 stands at twenty-nine.

The Deputy Police Commissioner reiterated that officers would not retreat if people are armed, wearing masks and posing a danger to the police or the public.

Phillip told reporters, “An appropriate response and action will be taken as long as it is within the confines of the law.”