Saint Lucians Urged To Brace Themselves Amid Water Woes – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Amid a dry spell that has severely impacted WASCO’s ability to provide water to customers, the leader of the National Green Party (NGP) has issued a grim warning.

“This crisis is just beginning. Brace yourselves,” Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires wrote in the comments section of St. Lucia Times.

He recalled that since 2011, his NGP has been preaching food and water security.

The NGP leader reiterated that there is no food security without water security.

“We have been saying that the island needs to increase its water storage capacity for over a decade. The geographic landscape of the island provides for the construction of micro dams in the many valleys,” de Caires stated.

He also declared there should be a law forcing all hotels with beach access to install desalination plants. 

“WASCO itself should invest in a large desal plant as well. Everyone that is able to, should get actively involved in water harvesting. All farmers should be using drip irrigation instead of sprinklers. And all of us need to start conserving water at all costs,” de Caires wrote.

WASCO has disclosed that most of its systems are drying.

The John Compton Dam level was down to 325 feet as of Wednesday morning when usually the level would be 333 feet.

‘Drastic reductions’ have also impacted WASCO’s Southern system from Canaries to Dennery, resulting in decreases ranging from twenty to eighty percent depending on the community.

As a result, WASCO has urged customers throughout Saint Lucia to store and conserve water.

However, the company explained that the biggest challenge is that people still need to change their water consumption patterns.