‘Ras Ipa’ Condemns Vigilante Justice – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

The President of the Saint Lucia Craft and Dry Goods Vendors Association, Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac, has strongly denounced the recent incident in Castries, where a man brazenly snatched a cruise ship visitor’s chain.

Isaac also condemned the reported vigilante justice that followed as at least one member of the public in a social media video struck the suspect as police arrested him.

Other in the crowd that gathered urged the officers to break the suspect’s arm.

Recognising the pressing need, ‘Ras Ipa’ underscored the importance of a more robust police presence in the City, a crucial step to deter crimes against both locals and visitors.

He noted that some areas of Castries were known crime hotspots.

Regarding visitors, Isaac warned that they would talk about their bad experiences once they become crime victims.

“This is not good for us,” he told St. Lucia Times.

In addition, the Vendors Association President declared it was unacceptable for members of the public to engage in vigilante justice.

“We cannot allow vigilante justice,” Isaac told St. Lucia Times.

He noted that Saint Lucia was already grappling with a sharp homicide spike.

The Vendors Association President said the worrying spike resulted from people resorting to their brand of justice.

He asserted that if people act unlawfully, the police should arrest and charge the perpetrators.

In addition, Isaac questioned the length of time the police took to subdue the suspected chain snatcher, wondering how well-trained the cops were.

“It took so long for two or three officers to subdue one little person,” he observed.