Pierre On Crime: ‘I’ve Told The Police What I Know!’ – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, who told the parliament last week that he knows what’s happening behind the scenes regarding crime, disclosed to reporters on Monday that he had passed information to the police.

“All that pretense about crime and who is pushing crime, I know what’s happening behind the scene,” the National Security Minister had told the House.

At Monday’s regular press briefing, Pierre told reporters: “I’ve told the police what I know.”

“I don’t get involved in operational matters. What I know I have told them,” the Prime Minister stated.

“And the people who did what they did, know what they did,” he explained, without elaborating.

Pierre asserted that he never says things ‘without knowledge’.

“And anytime the opposition jumps to something, there’s truth to it,” Pierre told reporters.

Opposition leader Allen Chastanet, responding to the Prime Minister’s assertion in parliament about knowledge regarding the behind-the-scenes situation with crime, welcomed the remarks.

“I am glad he knows because maybe we are going to see some reprieve,” Chastanet told the radio call-in programme Newsspin the day after Pierre’s statement to the House.

However, he said he had no idea what the National Security Minister was talking about.

“All of a sudden, you think you know? What is it you know? All of us know,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader told Newsspin Host Timothy Poleon.

In addition, the former Prime Minister wondered whether Pierre was referring to the IMPACS report, having read it.

“Is it that persons that are getting contracts that all of a sudden they have now become his friends and they are telling him things he didn’t know before?” Chastanet asked.

The opposition leader hoped Pierre would now do something to stop the crime.

So far, in 2024, Saint Lucia has recorded 22 homicides.

The majority of the homicides involved shootings.