Jawahir Calls For ‘All-Encompassing’ Approach To Crime – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Government Senator Lisa Jawahir has urged an all-encompassing approach to the crime problem, including interventions by civil society groups.

Jawahir urged civil society groups to continue playing their anti-crime role, including providing psychosocial support to children whose fathers became homicide victims.

“I know that some of these children would get some support from counselors, especially in the schools,” Jawahir told reporters.

She recalled that Education Minister Shawn Edward had indicated that his Ministry was playing its part in curbing crime and violence in schools.

Jawahir pointed to crime’s economic impact, including increasing resources to emergency rooms and first responders.

She also noted that in Saint Lucia, many young men have become victims of crime and violence.

“Some of them have lost their lives and some of them have left children behind and they have left single mothers,” the Senator explained.

She stated that the situation perpetuates more crime and violence since some children grow up without a father figure in the home.

The Senator observed that having a father killed has a devastating impact on a child, and sometimes, years later, young men might try to avenge the death of a parent.

“Sometimes the public thinks that giving the resources to the police would be sufficient, but it really requires an all-encompassing approach for us to tackle crime,” Jawahir told reporters.

The Senator was nominated to be part of an advisory council to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS).

Her role as a communicator is to assist the agency with information dissemination to the public.

She and Dr. Stephen King attended a recent conference in Barbados that focused on the economic impact of crime and violence.

In addition, the conference discussed crime and violence as a public health issue.