Castries To Morne Du Don Bus Route Split Into Two – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

The Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Transport (DIPT) has announced a division of the existing Castries to Morne Du Don Route 5A into two.

As a result of the division, the routes will now be Route 5A (Castries to Morne Du Don) and Route 5G (Castries to Carielle).

“Please note that this is an amendment to the fares for the respective routes, not a fare increase,” a DIPT notice said.

In addition, the notice said all bus operators plying the respective routes must display the amended fares and destinations for commuters’ ease of viewing.

The DIPT also advised commuters that the two bus routes will continue operating at their current location at Upper Jeremie Street, Castries.

The Carielle Minibus Association President, Rock Jean, welcomed the new route division.”I feel good about it. I feel elated. It is something that all the operators and all the residents, the passengers feel good about and they always wanted. It is was  long time coming and we are happy about it,” Jean told St. Lucia Times.

He explained that the Carielle Minibus Association could now improve critical aspects of its public service.

hat includes the number of daily buses because his association would adopt a rotation system for the twelve vehicles assigned to the Carielle route.

“Morne du Don, in essence, dominated that,” Jean explained.

He said his association was willing to work harmoniously with the Morne du Don bus operators on the same bus stand.

Jean emphasised that there was no bus fare increase.

“What has happened, in essence, is when the bus fares were last published, the fares associated with the segment for Carielle, which is now Route 5G were amalgamated with Route 5A, the Morne du Don leg,” he told St. Lucia Times.

However, Jean said with the official separation, the authorities extracted the Carielle fares and put them in a new 5G table.