Adventurely Reimagines Remote Work in Barbados Hotels & Beyond – St. Lucia Times

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The success of the Barbados Welcome Stamp program which enables remote working professionals from around the world to live and work remotely on the island has attracted an innovative new way for local hospitality businesses in Barbados to connect with remote working customers while sharing the unique tourism experiences available on the island.

Adventurely, a U.S.-based company committed to advancing the “work from anywhere” movement for remote workers and digital nomads, has expanded availability of its new booking platform for remote work day passes that blend work and play in hospitality businesses in Barbados.

The platform enables users to conveniently book remote work day passes at hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality spaces for the day, with perks, amenities or experiences included.

Remote working users can work from these inspiring unconventional spaces to boost wellness, fun and a sense of adventure in their ordinary work day, truly making “work from anywhere” a reality.

The first Barbados listing on Adventurely features a remote work day pass to the picturesque Naniki Eco Resort in Saint Joseph, where remote working customers can book a day pass to work remotely from Naniki’s lush and serene property for the day, with a guided nature walk and forest bath meditation included in the price.

Adventurely’s platform addresses the growing demand for flexible workspaces that cater to the needs of modern professionals. By partnering with local hospitality businesses, Adventurely not only provides inspiring work environments but also supports the local economy by driving business to these venues.

Adventurely’s CEO Mita Carriman, a dual citizen of the U.S. & Grenada had an opportunity to live and work remotely in Barbados in 2020 when the Welcome Stamp Program launched. She credits the inspiration for Adventurely’s new booking platform to her time in Barbados:

“I was amazed at how swiftly Barbados positioned itself as a global leader in the work-from-anywhere movement with its Welcome Stamp program,” Carriman notes. “My fondest memories of working remotely in Barbados were the moments I combined work with fun experiences at local hospitality venues. Our new booking platform now allows remote workers in Barbados, whether local or nomadic, to seamlessly enjoy these enriching experiences with greater ease, convenience, and a wider array of options. We’d love to partner with more businesses on the island.”

Adventurely’s expansion in Barbados is part of a broader strategy to expand its presence in other key remote work destinations worldwide.

The company has been invested in by Backstage Capital and Google Black Founders Fund to scale its growth.

SOURCE: Adventurely