Access Denied – Man Upset Over CDC Apartment Lockout – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

James Polius was an unhappy man on Tuesday when he visited his deceased mother’s CDC Block W apartment in Castries and found himself locked out.

“I come in there – I seeing two locks on the doors where I cannot enter my mother’s home,” Polius recalled.

He told reporters on Wednesday that his mother died on March 22, and his niece paid the bill on April 3.

As a result, Polius declared that they do not owe the National Housing Corporation (NHC).

He pointed to a note on the door advising that they call the NHC.

“Why I should call housing?” Polius declared.

He explained that his aunt and his niece lived in the apartment with his deceased mother but had since left.

Polius visited the home on Tuesday night to obtain some documents, only to discover door locks.

He said that were he a violent individual, he would have broken the locks with a hammer.

“I want to know why housing could not call my niece and say they want to have a word with her because she paid them on the 3rd,” Polius stated, adding that he has all the receipts.

He revealed that his deceased mother had lived in the apartment for over fifty years, never missing a month’s rent.

“Maybe they want the building for somebody else,” Polius expressed.

For its part, the NHC issued the following statement:

The apartment in question was assigned to two tenants namely Alexandrine Polius (deceased) and Delma Polius. However, only the former resided there. The latter, being the surviving tenant voids the agreement by not actually residing there. In addition, the lease expires in about a month, and NHC has no intention of renewing the lease, in light of these two facts.

NHC is committed to ensuring that we meet our mandate which is to provide affordable housing to those who are most in need of it. There are many applicants who are in dire NEED of subsidized housing and we must give heed to their plight.