Crime Scourge Linked To Decline In Respect, Civility – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Saint Lucia’s Acting Governor General Cyril E. M. Charles has linked the country’s current crime scourge to a deterioration in civility and respect.

 As a result, he called on all Saint Lucians to do more to reverse the decline.

Charles emphasised the vital role of mutual respect in maintaining societal cohesion, particularly in times of disagreement, stating that it is the ‘glue’ that holds communities and the wider society together.

Delivering the Throne Speech to a joint session of parliament on Tuesday, he declared that children should grow up in an atmosphere of respect for those in authority.

He mentioned parents, teachers, the police, and civil and religious leaders.

However, Charles observed that those in authority should equally live up to their leadership responsibilities by being good examples.

“This deterioration in mutual respect is at the root of the scourge of crime and indiscipline that we are facing in our country today,” the Acting Governor General warned.

Charles told the House of Assembly that the government would do all it could to assist law enforcement and ensure the judicial system’s strengthening.

In this regard, he noted the commencement of work to build a new Halls of Justice to provide a conducive environment for court officials and judges.

Nevertheless, Charles explained that decreasing the country’s crime level would require the collective effort of all law-abiding citizens.

“Crime-fighting is a battle between those who want a safe and stable society and those who desire chaos and instability,” he stated.

Charles declared that the government stands with the former and will provide the necessary resources to ensure citizen safety and the country’s stability.