36 Hour Live NYC Fundraiser ‘Love For Haiti’ To Take Place At Webster Hall

NEW YORK, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ — In response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti which has taken the lives of over 200,000 people, OneWorld Experience and Bluecrash Media will produce “Love For Haiti,” a live 36 hour fundraiser on Thursday, January 28th at Webster Hall, a well-known entertainment venue in NYC.

 A huge life-like projection (15 ft. high x 30 ft. wide) will be positioned on Webster Hall’s exterior wall and it will showcase the live video of the fundraiser itself as well as a live Twitter feed. The video will be on USTREAM for all to observe. Anyone passing by the intersection of 3rd Ave. and 11th St. in NYC will also be able to witness this creative projection.

 ”By utilizing the power of technology and social media, the objective of “Love For Haiti” is to bring together the NYC and global community. Haiti desperately needs support and through this innovative fundraiser, we will bring them aid. We will become one for Haiti,” stated Vanessa Kim, president of OneWorld Experience and co-producer of “Love for Haiti.”

 ”Love For Haiti” will begin promptly at 5PM, Thursday, January 28th and end at 5AM, Sunday, January 31st EST. It will run live for 12 hours on these 3 consecutive nights from 5PM to 5AM.

 The goal is to raise a minimum of $50,000 for Haiti. 100% of the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders, which is made possible due to everyone volunteering their services and Webster Hall graciously donating its exterior space and marquee. Exclaims Gerard McNamee, Webster Hall’s event curator, “Like everyone else, we were devastated to hear about the situation in Haiti. Webster Hall has therefore chosen to do this event for love.”

 A booth will be arranged in front of Webster Hall so the public can make donations in person. Donations can also be made online at Doctors Without Border’s website www.doctorswithoutborders.org. A candlelight vigil will take place from 7 to 10PM each night.

 ”In this digital age, technology is the cornerstone of our lives. This is especially true for me considering the work I do. But people in Haiti do not even have the basic necessities like clean water, food and housing that we take for granted. By employing innovative technology as the marketing platform, we aim to bring a great amount of aid to Haiti,” declared Morgan Freeman, co-producer of “Love for Haiti” and founder of Bluecrash Media.

 Immensely popular electronic music artists, The Crystal Method, will be on stage at Webster Hall on Friday, January 29th and their performance will be featured in “Love For Haiti’s” video stream. Additionally, a special presentation by one of our ultimate supporters, the Quarterly Art Soiree (www.theqas.com) will be showcased as well. Live conversations with celebrities and business leaders through Twitter and USTREAM is currently being arranged and once confirmed will be announced prior to the benefit.


OneWorld Experience is a marketing event production firm tailored to answer the fundraising needs of non-profits. With a specialization in donor retention support, corporate sponsorship relations, auction events and successful shopping lounges, OneWorld Experience is the fundraising solution for non-profits around the world. OneWorld Experience is always marketing for a better tomorrow. www.oneworldexp.com.


Bluecrash Media is a multimedia and interactive design company founded by Morgan Freeman. Known for his innovative digital artistry, especially in regards to interactive art installations, Morgan Freeman is internationally recognized and was thus named as one of the top 10 digital artists in America by the renown Corel and PGA. www.bluecrash.com.


Webster Hall is North America’s premier entertainment venue. Located in NYC’s famous East Village, it is highly regarded as the first modern nightclub of North America. This 40,000 sq. ft. architectural landmark first opened its doors in 1886 and has been a gathering place for the people of NYC and the world since then. Today, the world’s most famous names in music such as Green Day, The Killers, Prince, Nine Inch Nails and Mick Jagger have graced Webster Hall’s internationally recognized stage in recent years. www.websterhall.com.