WATCH: Lila Ike urges fans to show up early for Burna Boy concert Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

After giving her followers a sneak peek of her rehearsal on Saturday evening ahead of today’s performance at the Burna Boy Live Concert at the National Stadium in Kingston, recording artiste Lila Ike encouraged those who want to see her on stage to come out early for the show.

She told her followers on an IG Live that she will perform at 7:40pm, so they should ensure they get to the venue early and show their support.

“Somebody was saying to me, ‘Oh, I know they’re gonna give you X time but we know this is Jamaica.’ No, we need to break that cycle of thinking that, ‘Oh is Jamaica, so if something starts at 8 o’clock, let me come at 12 and expect to get my money’s worth’.

“You cannot do it like that people. Remember say we a tour the world enuh, we happen to dance abroad before we dance a yard enuh, and there are shows weh mi affi deh pon stage from 2 o’clock inna the day inna the hot sun, and trust and believe, if I pull up at 2:01, I am not going on the stage,” the ‘I Spy’ singer said.

She said that level of professionalism is what Jamaican music needs.

“We have talented people. We have amazing artistes. We are who we are; the only part we slack off pon now is the time. Understanding that you not going to a dance you are going to a show… if you are going to a show to see a particular artiste, you pull up and you make yourself available,” she said.

Lila Ike and dancehall star Popcaan will be performing on the African Giant Burna Boy’s show on Sunday night, which is part of his Love Damini tour. Lila Ike will be the first performer of the night for a show that is scheduled to get underway at 7pm.

In May 2020, Lila Ike released her debut seven-track EP The ExPerience and is prepping for her first full-length album in 2023.

Since the release of her EP, Lila’s latest string of singles touches on real-life experiences plaguing her community. From child molestation on “Batty Rider Shorts” and street justice on the remix of “Thy Will” featuring Skillibeng in 2021 to self-love on “True Love” and crime and gun violence on “Wanted” in 2022, these topics carry weight across the globe.