Vieux Fort Multiple Murders: Anthony Says Government May Have To Widen Police Powers – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony believes the government may have to beef up police powers after the recent multiple murders in his Vieux Fort constituency.

Seven people succumbed to gunshot injuries between Thursday and Saturday in an unprecedented escalation of gang violence in the Southern town.

“The events signal the need to rethink the strategy of crime reduction and containment in Vieux Fort,” Dr. Anthony declared in a prepared statement Monday during Good Morning Saint Lucia on Hot 7 Television.

“The issue of the pervasive and deep distrust of the police must be squarely faced, addressed and resolved,” he noted.

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“I am even more convinced that the government will have to widen the powers of the police to respond to such events,” Anthony said.

He asserted that traditional police powers are too limited to cope with crimes of ‘such magnitude.’

The former Prime Minister expressed gratitude to the police, observing that they are also putting their lives at risk on the frontline facing sophisticated firepower and weaponry.

Anthony noted that the past few days have been difficult and traumatic.

He disclosed that his constituents are in disbelief, pain, and sorrow.

And he thanked all who sent consolation messages to support him and his constituents.

But he said he read the ‘sanctimonious and pious comments’ of those who thought it was a perfect opportunity to heap scorn and criticism on the government and parliamentary representative.

“I saw, too, the memes about Vieux Fort, calling for boycotts and relegation. This is sad. In the midst of all of this they forgot that the victims were not just those who were murdered, but also the families of the victims and the people of Vieux Fort South,” Anthony stated.

He declared it was right to condemn the killings in vehement or strident language.

But the former PM asserted that it could not be right to besmirch the town and its residents.

His complete statement appears below:

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