UN Wants Countries To Make Road Safety A Political Priority

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

The United Nations has launched a new global road safety campaign, with an official from the organisation lamenting the priority most countries give to the issue.

The campaign follows a General Assembly resolution to improve road safety worldwide.

The resolution urges member states to ensure that road safety becomes a “political priority.”

“Road safety is not high enough on the political agenda in most countries. While we know the remedies to road crashes, action is lagging behind,” said Jean Todt, UN Special Envoy for Road Safety.

“While we know the remedies to road crashes, action is lagging behind,” Todt declared.

The UN road safety campaign aims to improve traffic safety and create inclusive, safe, and sustainable streets.

Under the motto #MakeASafetyStatement, the UN road safety campaign will also amplify the core messages of the New Decade of Action for Road Safety, which aims to halve the number of road-related victims by 2030.

The campaign will start in New York and run through 2025, reaching approximately 1,000 cities in more than 80 countries through billboards, social media, and other platforms.

Thus far, 14 celebrities have pledged their support, including tennis legend Novak Djokovic, Oscar-winning actress and UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Michelle Yeoh, and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Each contributed their statement, such as “I drive slow” or “I don’t drive under the influence.”

At a press briefing at UN Headquarters in New York highlighted that road accidents are the “number one killer” for individuals aged 5 to 29, with the vast majority in low- and middle-income countries.

It noted that each year, 1.2 million people die on the road, and a further 40 to 50 million are injured, many seriously.

The UN has called on member states to consider adopting comprehensive legislation on key risk factors.

Those factors include the non-use of seat belts, child restraints, helmets, drinking and driving, and speeding.