UK Vacationers Downplay Their Lifesaving Role In Saint Lucia – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

United Kingdom nationals who saved a French cruise ship passenger from drowning while vacationing in Saint Lucia have downplayed their lifesaving role.

Their action, first reported by St. Lucia Times, attracted international coverage.

Matt Hammond, his wife, their two children, his sister-in-law, Helen Reeson, and her partner visited Rodney Bay Beach on Monday at about 1:30 pm when they spotted some women in the water waving frantically.

Hammond and Reeson, a UK firefighter, soon realised that one of the women was in danger and went to her rescue.

The duo swam out to the French visitor and brought her ashore.

Once ashore, Hammond’s sister-in-law and his wife administered first aid.

The wife has first-aid training.

” “I definitely don’t see myself as a hero, no,”” Hammond’s sister-in-law told the BBC.

For his part, Hammond declared that he would like to think that most people would do what he and his family did.

“I don’t think you think about anything really, you see somebody in trouble and your natural instinct is that you want to help,” he told the BBC.

The UK Mirror quoted Reduit residents praising the rescue performed by the British visitors to Saint Lucia, with one individual declaring that Hammond is a hero deserving of a medal.

Matt Hammond (Left) and Helen Reeson (right) with their family. Image courtesy Helen Reeson.