Three police officers in Belmont incident put on desk duty

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Belmont Police Station.

THE Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) has launched an investigation into an incident at Belmont Link Road where a child was allegedly hurt during a police arrest.

In a 50-second video circulating on social media, a group of police are seen standing around two men, one of whom is holding a child. Seven seconds into the video a police officer hits the man holding the child with an object, while another officer does a body search of the second man.

Another officer quickly takes the child from the man’s arms and he is thrown to the ground. The child is then handed to a female officer while police handcuff the man.

Just before he’s put into the police SUV trunk, another officer slams his face into the trunk door.

It s reported that the child’s neck was swollen.

On Friday, Joanne Archie, head of the police corporate communications unit, said three police officers have been removed from active duty pending the outcome of the PSB investigation.