‘This Is Crazy!’ – Community Reacts To Fatal Shooting In Millet

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Millet residents have expressed shock after Friday’s fatal shooting in the community.

One resident, a close relative of the deceased, also expressed sadness and anger.

A Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) headquarters ambulance rushed to the scene after learning of the incident and found the male victim unresponsive.

A medical practitioner pronounced him dead after the ambulance transported him to the hospital.

The deceased has been identified as 32-year-old Tanny Cherubin.

“It is very sad that people can just kill just like that. People have no regard for life,” a family member who requested anonymity told reporters after the fatal shooting.

“It’s a situation where a lot of us have been touched by that kind of violence in Saint Lucia and I believe that the powers that be need to come together and come up with a plan,” the family member declared.

She stated that people should not politicise the situation in which Saint Lucia has so far recorded 41 homicides for 2024.

“What is happening to our young people? It is young people all the time and I am sad and angry,” the family member stated.

She added that the authorities need to keep young people engaged so they would not merely hang out on the block, get an illegal gun and start shooting at whim.

“I mean, this is crazy,” the distraught relative said.

Another resident, recalling that she had lived in the community for decades, said it was the first time such an event had occurred.

The resident told reporters that the deceased and another individual had a disagreement the previous day.

“They don’t fight. They don’t do nothing like that and that finish. I don’t know who do it, but two of dem was in a thing yesterday,” the resident stated.

“I heard three gunshots and I said, ‘Look somebody kill somebody there. I didn’t know who’,” the resident recounted.

She said she was very concerned about the deadly gun violence sweeping Saint Lucia.