‘They Lost Everything!’ – Relief Drive Launched For Gros Islet Flood Victims – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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After Sunday’s devastating floods, the Gros Islet Constituency Council has launched a relief drive for community residents.

Deputy Mayor Sharon Ephraim said the Council decided on the relief drive based on the effect of the floods on thousands.

“We were in the water. We were helping to get things out of people’s homes, assisting people, and pulling children out. So we know the needs. We are aware of all these people have lost,” Ephraim told St Lucia Times.

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“They lost everything. Everything is gone,” the Deputy Mayor lamented.

As a result, she said the Council decided to appeal to everyone, who was not affected, to assist in providing food, water, shelter, clothing, toiletries, furniture, or cash for flood victims in the entire Gros Islet area or assist in any other way.

The Deputy Mayor stated that children were among those affected, losing laptops, uniforms, and clothing.

She said she knew of single mothers with several children who needed help.

Ephraim said the appeal is being made not only to residents of Saint Lucia but to the diaspora as well.

“Persons out there who were not affected, if they can assist in the smallest way possible we will appreciate it,” she told St Lucia Times.

The Deputy Mayor explained that some flood victims had been relocated while others had obtained temporary lodging until they could clean up their homes.

However, Ephraim explained that some victims did not feel they could return to their residences.

“Some of them need counselling because it was devastating,” she recalled regarding Sunday’s heavy rainfall and floods.

Ephraim said people could take items to the Gros Islet Constituency Council office, currently located at the Human Resource Development Centre opposite the Gros Islet Primary School.

Interested individuals could also call the telephone number 7202762.

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