SunSwept Resorts Team Members Conduct Extensive Searches To Find Omar Defreitas – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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SunSwept Resorts team members have searched extensively for the missing Omar Defreitas, last seen on Friday, January 6.

The company oversees the BodyHoliday, where Defreitas has been working for over two decades.

“It’s sad, shocking, bizarre to say the least,” SunSwept Resorts Corporate Director of Human Resources, Genevieve Dixon, asserted regarding his disappearance.

Dixon recalled that team members went to his home to retrace his steps once the company heard that he was missing.

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“The first few days, we did our own independent search parties,” she said.

“We used our vessels to go as far down as Dennery with our team members,” the company official noted.

“We have two wellness resorts. Our team members used bikes. We searched from Pigeon Island to Cas en Bas and we’ve been working very, very closely in collaboration with the local authorities and that has been paramount for us because we don’t want to do anything, as we support and love Omar, to compromise anything,” Dixon explained.

The SunSwept Resorts official said the authorities had visited and spoken with the company.

She said the company is working with them to provide the information and support they need.

“Omar has been working with us for twenty-three years and that’s dedication. That’s love, that’s trust – and that’s the same thing we are doing for him and his family,” Dixon declared regarding the missing Watersports Leader.

She also disclosed that team members are taking the opportunity to pray for knowledge, wisdom, hope, and strength for Omar’s mother, son, and everyone who loves the missing employee.

“So the steps that we are taking, though not public, they’re strong and we are taking the actions we feel are necessary to make sure we are supporting him, his family and this investigation that’s going on,” Dixon told reporters.

“So not because we didn’t call on the news, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t done anything. Again, you don’t work with someone for over two decades and not do anything,” Dixon explained.

And she said SunSwept Resorts would continue doing as much as possible.

“Even if that means getting on our knees and praying in addition to the things that we are doing physically, because he is a wonderful person, a great leader, well-respected and well-regarded,” Dixon said.

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