Suge Knight Shares Disturbing Diddy Accusations

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Suge Knight, the arch nemesis of Diddy, has finally reacted to the details of the lawsuit brought by Casandra ‘Cassie’ Ventura against her ex-boyfriend.

Diddy is facing mounting legal problems following a lawsuit that he settled with Cassie and two more lawsuits by victims from the 1990s who claim that they were raped by the Bad Boy mogul.

One of the claims by Cassie was that Diddy made her carry his guns to instill fear in her and to assert his propensity for violence. She also alleged that one time, she and the rap mogul were doing drugs in his house, and Diddy was told that Suge was somewhere in town.

In Cassie’s lawsuit, she made damning allegations about him reportedly planning to kill the Death Row Records co-founder. According to the “Is It You” singer, she allegedly saw Diddy loading up his guns and ran out to search for Suge, along with his other goons, presumably to visit harm upon him.

Over the weekend, Suge released his latest podcast, where he addressed his beef with Diddy and said that he knew Diddy was abusive to Cassie.

On his Collect Call with Suge Knight podcast, Suge seemed to agree that Diddy was allegedly abusive to women.

“What Puffy done, what Puffy did, or what Puffy do, is not a surprise — everybody know what it is,” Suge said. He added, “I mean, you gotta be able to that type of sh*t to a woman and other women. But it’s not like it’s new news.”

Suge Knight, who seemed to have been collecting evidence on Diddy, also claimed that the Bad Boy Records head was so angry about Cassie dating rapper Kid Cudi that he attacked his assistant Capricorn because she did not disclose information about Cudi and Cassie’s relationship.

Separately, Cassie claimed that Diddy allegedly blew up Kid Cudi’s car after finding out that they were dating and to get her to return to him.

“Same time he beat the sh*t out of the little girl named Cassie, he had an assistant named Capricorn. Cap was keeping it on the low if she (Cassie) was seeing Cudi or not. Puffy beat the sh*t out of that b*tch,” Suge said.

Suge also claimed that Interscope allegedly helped to settle the matter to stop it from getting out in the public.

“Not only did he beat the sh*t out of her, it was a Interscope person, an Interscope cheque that paid her to settle so he (Diddy) wouldn’t go to jail,” Knight said.

Suge is currently serving a 28-year prison sentence and also had advice for Diddy as he hinted at the despicable things that happen in jail.

“Puffy, I don’t wanna see you go down, but if you need a celly, I’ma grant you’re a$$ my cell, boy! Have your cook game working. I don’t want no head, but you gon’ be cleaning toilets,” he said.

Diddy has not publicly addressed the complaints, but his lawyers have referred to the latest lawsuits as a “money grab”.