SLNYC President Says Dysfunctional Families Negatively Impacting Young People – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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The President of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council (SLNYC) believes dysfunctional families are among the issues negatively impacting young people.

Yaniqueca Jean-Bart William spoke at a news conference on Monday to introduce the organisation’s new executive, amid concerns about a surge in violent crime.

“Our stand is a zero tolerance when it comes to crime,” the SLNYC President explained.

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And she acknowledged that different situations affect young people.

As a result, Jean-Bart William disclosed that her organisation would adopt a different approach to the crime situation by understanding what young people are facing and then creating remedial programmes.

Nevertheless, she asserted that families are dysfunctional, contributing to many youngsters’ lack of supervision and guidance.

The SLNYC President recalled that it used to be that a village would raise a child.

But she lamented that those morals and values have disappeared.

As a result, she told reporters that people do not now feel the need to discipline or reach out a child engaged in wrongdoing.

In addition, Jean-Bart William observed that most parents work in the hotel industry, many on long shifts.

“This poses a problem in that children are left unattended and basically when they are left unattended, they tend to go to what we call the Ghettoes. They tend to be liming the streets,” she told Monday’s news conference.

According to the SLNYC official, this could result in the youngsters engaging in negative activity.

She also spoke of the importance of meeting the basic needs of youngsters.

“If a man cannot eat, that poses a problem,” she asserted, emphasising the need to find stable employment for them.

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