‘Simply Dismal’ – Fedee Assesses SLP’s Performance After First Year In Office – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee has criticised the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s performance in office after one year, describing it as ‘simply dismal’.

“They are still campaigning. They have failed to deliver on a number of their promises they said they would deliver, some of them within 100 days,” Fedee told reporters on Thursday on the sidelines of a meeting of the Senate.

Fedee, the leader of opposition business in the Senate, mentioned tax refunds below $5000 as one example, adding that the list of the Philip J. Pierre administration’s unkept promises is ‘quite long.’

But he told reporters that what was most important was the SLP’s stewardship amid important issues confronting Saint Lucia.

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According to Fedee, the majority of Saint Lucians continue to feel the strain of dealing with the cost of living increases.

He said the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) appreciates the current global situation.

“However there are several Caribbean countries – if you compare what’s happening in Barbados if you look at what Saint Kitts is doing if you look at what the BVI is doing – very few countries have actually allowed their cost of electricity, bus fares, the cost of petroleum products. I mean LPG gas is now $47 for the 22-pound cylinder,” the former Minister stated.

“This really is a colossal failure by this administration to protect the vulnerable citizens of this country from the debilitating effects of this inflation problem which the world is facing,” Fedee asserted.

He said the opposition was not blaming the SLP for the problem, but for the poor management of the crisis.

And he warned that unless something is done quickly, many people will continue to experience a worse economic situation.

“It could lead and spiral into employers potentially dropping employees because sales are going down,” Fedee said.

He added that if businesses are going down, there would be a knock-on effect on employment.

The former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP also referred to crime.

“Have you seen the government articulate a clear and decisive plan to deal with this national crisis which has been with us for quite some time? And you know, we have to get on top of it. There are national security concerns, there are economic concerns, there are safety concerns and the government must address them,” Fedee declared.

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