Saint Lucian Recovers Hacked WhatsApp Account – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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After losing his WhatsApp account to a hacker, a Saint Lucian has managed to recover it after a few days.

The victim, whom we will call ‘Jayden Marius’ for easy reference, said after losing access to WhatsApp earlier this month, his contacts had been receiving requests from the hacker for ‘Nira,’ the currency Nigeria uses.

Marius had unwittingly shared a six-digit code the hacker requested.

However, after numerous e-mails back and forth with WhatsApp, he accessed the service after submitting a report and screenshots of the hacker’s money requests to contacts.

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“Apparently, the person who hacked my account set up a two-step verification, which I did not have,” Marius told St. Lucia Times.

He explained that the verification requires an e-mail address to reset the account.

But although the hacker’s e-mail had become the reset source, Marius said WhatsApp sent him another code, eventually allowing him to re-access his account and messages.

He disclosed that he then set up a two-step verification and implemented other WhatsApp security measures.

He has advised other WhatsApp users to do the same.

Marius expressed relief that everything was ‘back to normal’ after contacting individuals who had blocked his number because they had received numerous requests from the hacker for money.

He said he reached the  contacts through other messaging platforms, requesting that they unblock him.

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