Saint Lucia Urged To Get Serious About Water Security Amid WASCO Water Woes – St. Lucia Times News

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Declaring that there can be no food security without water security, the National Green Party (NGP) leader has asserted that Saint Lucia needs to get serious about water security.

Andre de Caires spoke against WASCO water woes resulting in a supply interruption to consumers that forced schools in the North of the Island to send students home on Friday.

The Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) also announced the closure of the Pigeon Island National landmark on Saturday and Sunday, blamed on ‘a critical water shortage’ due to ongoing WASCO repairs.

The utility said the repairs began Wednesday morning and by Friday afternoon water was being restored.

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But some irate consumers have been complaining that they are yet to receive supplies.

NGP leader Andre de Caires notes that WASCO’s issues are well-known.

He observed that some forty percent of the water the utility pumps never reaches its destination because of old, leaking underground metal pipes.

“We are wasting a lot of water and we definitely need to go to the World Bank or somebody to take a huge loan to improve our water situation,” the NGP leader told St Lucia Times.

He recalled that during the campaign leading up to the last general elections, the NGP made it clear that there’s no food security without water security.

“We’ve taken ten years to desilt the dam. Within those ten years many commercial buildings were built. A few hotels were built, private residences were built and we’re still depending on the John Compton dam,” de Caires observed.

He reiterated that Saint Lucia needs to take a serious look at mandatory desalinisation plants for every hotel with beach access and possibly a plant for the entire Island to supplement WASCO supplies, as climate change affects the consistency of rainfall.

In addition, he said the authorities need to emphasise rainwater harvesting and perhaps make underground cisterns mandatory for specific buildings.

The NGP leader also recalled suggesting micro-dams.

He said the water situation is dire.

But de Caires lamented that no one is talking about the issue.

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