Saint Lucia To Benefit From ‘Caribbean In White’ Fundraiser

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

by Keira St. Rose

In a celebration of philanthropy and solidarity, Robinson Smiles and Hope Foundation held its 9th annual ‘Caribbean in White’ party on Saturday, June 15th, 2024, in Baltimore, USA.

According to the organization, the event aimed to raise funds for the foundation’s four main causes: healthcare, nutrition, education, and social development.

Founded by Julia Robinson, the foundation has made significant strides in contributing to the welfare of communities in three Caribbean countries, including Saint Lucia.

For the past three years, the Robinson Smiles and Hope Foundation has played a pivotal role in providing essential medical and healthcare supplies to the island, ensuring sustained healthcare support for all Saint Lucians.

The ‘Caribbean in White’ party, a signature event for the foundation, drew a diverse crowd dressed in white, symbolizing unity and hope. Attendees gathered to enjoy the festivities and show their support for the foundation’s noble cause.

Addressing the attendees, Julia Robinson expressed her delight in collaborating with Saint Lucia: “We’ve been giving back to Barbados for the past 15 years. Medical supplies, school supplies, hospital supplies—you name it. We have just turned our efforts to Saint Lucia and I want to let you guys know working with Saint Lucia is a charm. Saint Lucia has the sweetest people that I have ever met, so working with Saint Lucia has been great.”

Julian Dubois, Saint Lucia’s Ambassador for Diaspora Affairs, attended the event.

Dubois commended the foundation for its contributions: “We’re hoping that we could continue the partnership.”

Elizabeth Darius Clarke, Saint Lucia’s Ambassador to the USA, also expressed her gratitude and reiterated her unwavering support for the foundation.

The ‘Caribbean in White’ party showcased the Robinson Smiles and Hope Foundation’s generosity and dedication and reinforced the importance of collaborative efforts in fostering the development and well-being of the Caribbean country.

Saint Lucian calypso sensation, Invader, and veteran Bajan entertainer Mr. Blood provided entertainment.

All proceeds will go towards medical and school supplies for Saint Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda.