Saint Lucia, region to be affected by heavy seas


Heavy seas will begin to affect the region on Thursday

(SNO) – The region, including Saint Lucia, will be affected by heavy seas by Thursday which could be hazardous  and dangerous.

According to Caribbean Online Weather, a strong surface high pressure is building north of the area and will produce strong easterly winds of close to 30 mph.

Because of  that, waves of up to 12 feet or more are expected across the region beginning Thursday.

“Model guidance suggests that rough and hazardous seas will continue through at least next week and residents should exercise extreme caution when in contact with coastal areas,” Caribbean Online Weather said.

The Dominica Meteorological Service said on Wednesday that a High-Surf Advisory and Small-Craft Warning will be issued for that island on Thursday.

It said large waves and dangerous rip-currents could create unsafe conditions for small-craft operators along the coastlines of Dominica.

These conditions could become even more adverse at times of high tide.

People should stay out of the water, the Dominica Meteorological Service warned.

Saint Lucians close to the sea should remain vigilant and SNO will monitor the situation and provide updates when necessary.


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Saint Lucia, region to be affected by heavy... - St. Lucia News Online

Saint Lucia, region to be affected by heavy…  St. Lucia News Online