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The St. Lucia Pig Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd announces new Price Increases to help revitalize the struggling Pork Industry, as of December 15th, 2022.

The prolonged effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and Global supply chain challenges have dealt a significant blow to an already ailing Pork Industry.

Price of inputs in some cases increased by over 100% compared to prices in 2008, when the last price increase was effectuated.

In an effort to reverse this trend and stimulate stability and growth, especially in light of our worsening Food Security Challenges as well as the wellbeing of pig farmers and their families, the St. Lucia Pig Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd engaged its strategic partners with the view to finding solutions.

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This effort resulted in a plan of action that included a price review for Pork. This price review was initiated by a Cost of Production (COP) exercise, using up to date methodology and validation by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The new prices represent the lower end of the price range from EC$9.77 to EC$12.82 per lb for Dressed Weight Wholesale Pork, and EC$6.22 to EC$7.18 per lb for Live Weight Pigs, and are as follows:

a. Wholesale Dressed Weight per lb: EC$9.50.

b. Live Weight per lb: EC$6.50.

SOURCE: St. Lucia Pig Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd 

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