Saint Lucia Business Pioneer Arnott Valmont Is 104

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Long-serving Saint Lucia businessman and philanthropist Arnott Valmont celebrated his 104th birthday this week.

Family members cited his frequent ‘power naps,’ exercise, and diet as reasons for his longevity.

His daily routine at 5 am was a jog along the Vigie stretch.

Arnott Francois Valmont was born on July 9, 1920, the third of ten children of William and Vanessa Valmont.

In 1942, he married Muriel Etherlkine (Olive) Valmont (nee Edwards), his lifelong companion and business partner. The union produced eight children, all of whom have worked at one time or another in the family business.

Mr. Valmont first worked on the family estate, then as a store clerk at J.Q Charles Limited.

The late J.Q. Charles, another outstanding Saint Lucian businessman, was Valmont’s first cousin.

In the 1940s, Valmont became a nightclub owner and later established the retail department store chain A.F. Valmont and Co. Ltd.

At its peak, the chain sold haberdashery, clothing and accessories, cosmetics, books and school supplies, furniture, hardware, and building supplies.

Valmont has been a shareholder or director in other companies, including Windward Island Gases Limited, and a founding member of several organisations, including the St. Lucia Yacht Club and the Rotary Club.

He was awarded the Saint Lucia Cross (Gold) in 2007 and cited simplicity, hard work, and integrity as his guiding principles.

The long-serving businessman who never shied away from hard work has, understandably, slowed down at 104, but he is still passionate about cricket and follows the game.

He uses a motorised scooter to get around, and although an illness in April affected his speech, he is still able to communicate.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre visited the centenarian on Tuesday to celebrate his 104th birthday with him.

“We reminisced about his pioneering work in commerce and philanthropic endeavours in Saint Lucia,” Pierre wrote on Facebook, thanking Valmont for his service to Saint Lucia.