Rihanna Blush After A$AP Rocky Calls Her Kids Their Best Creation

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rihanna thinks A$AP Rocky is a keep because he knows what to say to make her smile.

A$AP Rocky says he is open to collaborating with the mother of his children and rumored wife, Rihanna, but if fans think any music is coming, they’ll be disappointed as he hints that it’s children that they collaborate on best.

While at the Formula 1 races in Las Vegas, the Harlem rapper, who is the creative director of the Puma x Formula 1 collection, was asked about him and Rihanna working together and how successful they would be. However, instead of dishing on music or even projects together, Rocky said he and Rihanna are doing a good job coming together for babies.

“If me and my lady were to collab, what could we team up and just smash and go crazy on? I think we did a really good job of collaborating on making children. I think that is our best creation so far, nothing’s better than that. I don’t think, than any design,” Rock told Complex while laughing.

A$AP Rocky, son RZA, and Rihanna

He continued, “We had a third designer come in and help, a ghost designer named God, you know, and shaped everything and we had these beautiful angels and that’s the best collaboration.”

Sources close to the Bajan pop star/entrepreneur told Urban Islandz that Rihanna was blushing after hearing what her baby daddy said. “She was blushing but she also knows him very well; he always know what to say to make her smile or blush,” sources told us. “She thinks he is a real keeper for that and other qualities. He is such a great father.”

We’re also told that Rihanna is open to making music with Rocky and that the two spend a lot of time in the studio over the past year.

It’s no secret that Rihanna and Rocky have the hots for each other despite having two children together. The pair have hinted before that they both want to have a large family, which means that more children could be in their future.

Just last week, a wild rumor began to spread that Rihanna is once again pregnant for Rocky, but neither Rihanna nor Rocky have paid the rumors any mind.

The pair have their older son, RZA Athelstan, who they welcomed last year May, and this year, Rihanna gave birth to a second baby boy- Riot Rose. The singer reportedly got pregnant almost immediately after giving birth to RZA in 2022 and revealed her pregnancy to the world in February during her Super Bowl Halftime Show.

A$AP Rocky has frequently expressed his love and admiration for Rihanna, whom he started dating in 2020. The Bajan pop star previously admitted that the Harlem rapper was in her friendzone for years, but the two grew closer over the pandemic when the had a lot of downtime and spent a lot of that time together.