Residents Erect Caution Sign On ‘Worst Maintained’ Guyabois Road – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Frustrated residents have erected a sign on the Guyabois Road in Saltibus, urging caution and declaring it the worst maintained stretch in Saint Lucia.

The sign advises removing dentures, adjusting bra straps, and securing ‘your nuts.’

“Welcome to the worst maintained road in St. Lucia courtesy of St Lucia government,” it declared.

“Fight for our right to have a road, not a riverbed. Together we can make a difference.”

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The sign appeared on Monday, days after the Ministry of Infrastructure announced plans to address the residents’ concerns.

However, some residents believe it is another empty promise.

They said a year ago, Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King visited the area, stating several times that they would get ‘a surprise in January’.

“Then nothing and still nothing. The road has deteriorated so much it is now a danger to all who try to use it on foot or vehicle,” one resident said.

According to the resident, the ‘plot thickened’ on Thursday with vegetation removal and attempts to fill potholes.

“It won’t last long,” the resident lamented.

Another resident, who is an artist, disclosed last week that she had to shelve plans to build an art studio because the road had become impassable.

The residents lamented that emergency vehicles cannot access their homes, farmers cannot tend to their crops, and the community’s garbage collection has been affected.

Infrastructure Ministry spokesman Miguel Fevrier recalled that some months ago, Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King and a team visited various roads, including the Guyabois Road.

Fevrier explained that King was exploring various options to fix the road, including using base material.

However, the Infrastructure Ministry spokesman said they realised that without sealing it, the material would have washed away.

Another ‘costly’ option involved fixing the entire road in phases due to its length, but the Minister did not intend to do so immediately.

Nevertheless, the need for emergency intervention elsewhere interfered with that plan.

The Infrastructure Ministry spokesman recalled that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre indicated that next year would be the year for infrastructure.

In this regard, Fevrier explained that Minister King indicated that in the new year, the Infrastructure Ministry would look to press ahead with plans for the Guyabois road and other roadways once funding is available.

“If (Big if) the government are not going to do anything about the Guyabois Road until next year, why can’t they at least make it safe for residents and farmers? It wouldn’t cost that much to get a backhoe for the road,” one resident responded.

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