Relative Says Teenage Homicide Victim Was In A Gang And Knew He Would Die Violently – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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When nineteen-year-old Markus Prescott fell dead in a hail of bullets on Friday afternoon in Vieux Fort, a close family member disclosed that the youngster’s violent demise did not come as a surprise because the deceased and his relatives had expected it.

The family member told St. Lucia Times Markus was in a gang.

“I not lying. I can say he was in a gang. It break my heart but I know he would die. I keep on telling him what he doing, they will kill him. Once I tell him that and he tell me he know,” the relative said.

The family member called on young criminal gang members to stop killing each other.

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“It ain’t worth it. We are all black people together. Why we killing one another? For what? We are all Vieux Fortians together. Only God alone can put a stop to it.”

According to the family member, Markus attended the Piaye Secondary School but dropped out.

The deceased’s older brother, Greg Prescott, also died violently about two years ago.

Greg Prescott – Deceased

Gregg, 24, sustained multiple gunshot injuries at his home in Vieux Fort.

Although mourning over the latest violent death in the family on Friday, the close family member indicated that there was also some sense of relief.

The family member noted that gang violence had reached a new level, with gang members killing relatives of their rivals if they could not get at their enemies.

“Right now, I a kinda way free because he (Markus) die already. So they might not come for me because I doesn’t do nothing,” the family member declared.

Reports indicated that Markus Prescott sustained gunshot injuries to his stomach and back on Commercial Street, Vieux Fort on Friday.

Emergency personnel from the Vieux Fort Fire Station responded after learning of the incident at about 5:26 p.m.

However, the victim exhibited no vital signs.

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