Rap super couple Cardi B, Offset in Ja for work and play! Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Cephus’ are having a grand time in and around Jamaica, and while videos of Cardi B and Offset have been circulating around the interwebs; Offset is on The Rock for work.

His wife Cardi B has posted IG videos on the island with hubby at resorts on the North Coast.

So, the rumours are valid. But, there’s more; Offset will be hosting a party at MECA on Friday Night.

With Burna Boy performing on Sunday and the one-year anniversary of the newly-wed Jermaule “Nino” Adair’s Champagne Saturdays; it’s fair to say this big weekend just got bigger.

The Grammy nominee, #1 on Billboard hit-maker, actor, tech investor and yes, husband of Cardi B, is one of the hottest rap commodities on the planet.

He has had success in the group Migos: that have shared collabs with artists like Drake and 21 Savage; along with several solo hits.

With the recent loss of his group member and relative Takeoff, it’s good to see Offset getting back into the swing of things after delaying his album launch.

The executives at the Marketplace Entertainment Centre for the Arts Limited, owners of MECA and the 658 Promotion team, are very cagey about Friday night’s details.

However, as MECA is known to have a capacity of under 1000 patrons, choosing who gets to buy tickets was a “task”, according to a company spokesperson.

“This is an exclusive event, only a few hundred tickets will be available to the public. They go online on December 14, on a first come first served basis. No comps or special guests. It will also be quite a challenge for the 658 teams whose “Strictly” events attract thousands.

“We believe we have priced the limited tickets fairly, allowing our regular supporters to afford them whilst not compromising on the Exclusive nature of the event.”

The event kicks off at 10 pm at 67 Constant Spring Road. For tickets or more information, head to themecaverse.net or the MECA and 658 social media pages.