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Police advises persons to avoid keeping large sums at their home or businesses

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Members of the public and businesses are advised to exercise caution when handling large sums of money.

The advice comes from the Barbados Police Service, who alerted that persons are not paying attention to security at their homes and businesses.

“The Barbados Police Service is pleading to all private citizens and to all businesses to exercise high levels of security and vigilance with respect to their homes and the handling of cash.

“Too many persons are not paying attention to the security of their homes and are keeping large sums of cash at their homes and businesses overnight. Please, spend a few minutes checking your home before going out on business,” Inspector Stephen Griffith said in a statement on Wednesday.

Inspector Griffith provided several measures that persons can take to ensure their moneys are safe. These include:

Avoid the build up of cash at your home or keeping large sums of money overnight in business places.Stop predictable cash handling procedures at business places. Do not reconcile money in public spaces.Do not travel with or expose large sums of cash in public.Utilise the services of a security provider to assist in taking cash to the financial institutions.

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