Probe Opens After Fire Destroys Two Vehicles In Vieux Fort – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Police are investigating the early Wednesday morning destruction of two vehicles by fire at Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort.

Owner Cherris Francis used the vehicles in his taxi operations.

“I woke up to a knock on my door at 1:00 am and a neighbour told me my car was on fire,” Francis recalled.

He told St. Lucia Times that he discovered that his BMW and Lexus were ablaze when he investigated.

Francis revealed that the fire destroyed both vehicles, with a total estimated value of eighty-five thousand dollars.

“We got a lighter, a bag where they had their gas or whatever in it, and a lot of cardboard pieces where they lit the fire. They pretty much used gas and diesel. They started the fire on the BMW,” the Cedar Heights resident disclosed.

His wife’s nail salon, near where he had parked the vehicles, also sustained fire damage.

Police officers and firefighters were on the scene. Francis said he was awaiting the outcome of the police investigation and the identification of a suspect based on evidence the investigators had.

The vehicles, due to their age, had third-party insurance.

Francis believes jealousy motivated the burning of his vehicles, resulting in a setback for his business.

In July last year, Francis also incurred losses when a mentally challenged man hurled rocks that damaged four vehicles parked at his Cedar Heights residence.

“Seems like every year they’re taking money out of my pocket,” he declared ruefully.