Primary School Novel Tour Inspires Young Readers

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Excitement filled the classrooms as the “Gianni’s Mysterious App-Venture” Primary School Novel Tour featuring its supporting activity book “Join the App-Venture” made its way to 13 schools across Saint Lucia.

“Gianni’s Mysterious App-Venture” is a captivating novel that follows the thrilling journey of young protagonist Gianni, and his friends, as they embark on an exciting adventure through the Caribbean, using a mysterious app.

The story is not only entertaining but also educational, promoting Caribbean culture, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity among readers.

Accompanying the novel is the interactive activity book “Join the App-Venture,” designed to complement the reading experience by engaging students in fun and educational activities related to the storyline and CPEA themes.

From puzzles and quizzes to creative challenges, the activity book aims to enhance learning and comprehension while fostering a sense of exploration and discovery. The activity book also doubles as a book report guide for grade 6 students sitting the CPEA exams.

“The tour aims to ignite a love for reading and interactive learning among young students. We are thrilled to see the curiosity and engagement of students as they delve into the world of imagination,” says Delia S.J. Louis, the creative mind behind the captivating novel.

 “For the book tour, I partnered with professional dancer and Tiktok sensation Monalisa and it was refreshing to see the response from the children and teachers. I had not seen children so excited about reading in such a long time.”

During the school visits, students had the opportunity to interact with the author, participate in readings from the novel and engage in discussions about the importance of reading.

“We presented each school with a free copy of the books for the school’s library. Every student purchasing the books gains automatic entry into our App-Venture Book Club, they also get an opportunity to win an Amazon Fire HD Tablet and a primary school gets a chance for an outdoor reading nook to be built for them,” says Louis

According to the schools, the enthusiastic response from both students and teachers highlights the positive impact of the tour in promoting literacy and a love for reading among young audiences.

 “For character day this year we encouraged our students to write their own stories and dress up as characters in their stories. This was very successful as it showed the students that they too can become authors. The Gianni’s Mysterious App-Venture book tour visit to the Vide Bouteille Primary was timely as the students got a first hand view of how far they can take their writing and creativity. We were proud to welcome the author who is a daughter of our soil to inspire literacy and creativity in the students”, says Literacy Coordinator at the Vide Bouteille Primary School, Ms. Melisa Hippolyte.

With plans to reach every primary school in Saint Lucia by the end of the term, the Gianni’s Mysterious App-Venture Primary School Novel Tour continues to make its mark in the education landscape, empowering students to explore their imagination and embark on their own literary adventures.

“Some schools have already begun using the books in the classroom. I am also proud to announce that a private school in Jamaica is adding the books to their book list so that students can use the books in the coming school year.” says Louis

  “We intend to continue the book tour in the coming week where we will visit schools in Castries, in Gros-Iset and on the west coast.  Our goal is to inspire young readers, spark their imagination, and encourage a lifelong love for reading and learning.”

The books are available at primary schools across the island, at the Taste of Saint Lucia shop in Pointe Seraphine, at all West Tech locations regionally, and on Amazon.

Gianni’s Mysterious App-Venture novel and Join the App-Venture activity book were published by Ti Manmay Publishing in April 2024 with the support of Blue Ice Entertainment, the Small Business Development Center in the Ministry of Commerce, the Massy Environmental Project and West Tech Shipping.

For more information about “Gianni’s Mysterious App-Venture” Primary School Tour series, please visit or contact [email protected]. You can also follow the tour on social media @timanmaypublishing.

SOURCE: Ti Manmay Publishing