‘Praise The Lord I’m Still Alive!’ – Choiseul Chopping Victim Speaks – St. Lucia Times

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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The victim of a recent brutal cutlass attack in Choiseul that led to the fatal shooting of her partner by the police gave an exclusive interview on Wednesday to the HTS Evening News.

Shot dead following the attack was Sylvester Modeste, alias ‘Jumper’.

The victim, Agatha Frank, disclosed that she and Modeste had been together for thirty-eight years.

He was also her ‘child father’ and appeared troubled on the day of the attack.

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Frank said that Modeste went to her home with a cutlass, declaring that he had the weapon to kill her.

“That cutlass is for me to kill you, and the knife is for me to kill myself,” she recalled him saying.

Frank said Modeste attacked, but her daughter eventually went to her rescue.

The victim had to undergo surgery after sustaining several chop wounds.

“Praise the Lord, I’m still alive,” Frank stated.

According to the police, officers from the Choiseul police station apprehended Modeste after last week’s cutlass attack on Frank.

However, the police said that while in custody, the suspect attacked two officers in an escape bid and was fatally shot.

“I didn’t tell them to do him that because that’s not the first time I’m in problem with him,” Frank told HTS News regarding the fatal shooting of her partner, who was the family’s main breadwinner.

“I always telling them if they arrest him, I go to the station I telling them: ‘Leave him alone,’” Frank said, acknowledging that she and the deceased had a rocky relationship.

Now, she wants answers from the police.

“I never ask nobody to kill him. So I want to know what going on,” she declared.

“Up to now, any police officer have not come and tell me anything. I don’t know what to do, but I’ll take my step,” Frank asserted.

She said she wants justice for Modeste.

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