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Photos of former Prime Ministers Dr. Kenny Anthony, Allen Chastanet, and former Vieux Fort North MP Cecil Lay sharing a light moment at a social gathering have gone viral.

The three men attended the event earlier this week in Micoud, and their appearance together attracted mostly favorable comments on social media.

“This is how decent human beings should behave. Even though they are on opposing sides, they should have some level of civility and respect for each other,” wrote Shawn Adonis on the Good Morning Saint Lucia – Vibes At Sunrise Facebook page.

“Photo of the year. I love it,” declared Jessica Cyril.

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On the other hand, Frank Myers commented: ” Let’s not get carried away. Merely a humanitarian break. Not a ceasefire.”

Dr. Anthony is the current MP for Vieux Fort South and a former leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), which forms the current Government with Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre at the helm.

Chastanet is the MP for Micoud South and the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) leader.

Their presence with former Labour MP Cecil Lay occurred at a time of concern over deep political divisions in the country.

Lay, who sat between both men with his arms around them in one photo, told St. Lucia Times it was how politics used to be in his time.

He recalled that he, Anthony and Chastanet did not discuss politics but engaged in light talk and joked.

Lay said people liked the interaction and took many photos and recordings.

“The spirit was togetherness. Nothing political,” the former Vieux Fort North MP stated.

“This is the type of camaraderie we had when I was in parliament,” Lay revealed.

He recalled that he and now deceased former Prime Minister Sir John Compton, leader of the UWP, were very close.

“I was very close to all of them – Allan Bousquet, Ira D’ Auvergne, George Odlum. Jon Odlum as you know, was my partner. There was nothing like what I heard was happening right now. There is so much rivalry between the two parties – Government and opposition,” Lay told St. Lucia Times.

He noted that people could disagree or agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

“Together, we stand. Divided, we fall. Togetherness is the key; I want to convey this to every Saint Lucian,” the former MP asserted.

He added that there should be a dialogue between the Government and the opposition.

“During the election campaign it’s one thing,” Lay stated.

However, he said after the election, the country should unite, and people should work together to improve the country.

Lay said it was time to bring back the ‘old time politics’.

“I think it would do Saint Lucia good for the two political parties to see each other as friends and not enemies,” he told St. Lucia Times.

Cecil Lay  entered politics in 1978, was victorious in seven consecutive elections and  retired from parliament in 2006.

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