Police Probe Ravine Chabot Homicide

The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

Police say they are investigating the death of a male who sustained gunshot wounds at Ravine Chabot on Tuesday morning and succumbed later at the hospital.

Law enforcement officials identified the deceased as 23-year-old Jonathan Sonson.
A resident of the community where the shooting occurred, speaking on anonymity, reported hearing gunshots and later discovering bloodstains on the ground.

“I heard that they had some gun exchanges between some guys and a guy who came up there early this morning, he had something in his waist, a firearm, whatever. He take it out and he start using different obscene language to some of the guys in the yard,” the resident said.

He said the individual fired several rounds.

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“From there shots start firing. I don’t know in what direction the shots were firing, who was firing it, who wasn’t firing it,” according to the resident.

“It is not a good thing for the community because this community has been a calm one in the past. Everybody is one love, iree, and you know old things does raise it head after a time, you know and then – this that happen now,” the resident lamented.

“Everybody scared wondering what happening to the community. It always outsiders that come and have the community on its toes,” he stated.

Saint Lucia has recorded an unprecedented 64 homicides so far for this year.

Headline photo: Investigators on the scene

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